Nice, Monte Carlo & Cannes

Spent a few days in the south of France with my Mum to celebrate her birthday. She and I flew from Liverpool and Stansted airports respectively and we stayed in Nice. We explored the towns and cities either side of Nice along the coast; Nice, Eze, Monte Carlo, Grasse and Cannes.

Nice harbour:

Gardens at Eze:

Monte Carlo Casino:

View from St Marguerite island over to Cannes:


Borders and plants

Carmel persuaded me that we needed a border along the side of our new fence. Therefore I spent half of the afternoon shifting pebbles and building a border, and then Carmel spent the rest of the afternoon populating it with Homebase’s finest plants.



The plants from left to right are Lonicera japonica, Trachelospermum jasminoides and Jasminum officinale.

Town Bumps 2008

I had the pleasure of rowing in St Radegund Men’s 1 crew for the Cambridge Town Bumps last week.

A very good 4 evenings of racing for our crew – we registered 1 row-over, and 3 bumps.


The final night is traditionally the fancy dress night. Our crew coloured our hair with the St Radegund Boat Club colours – seemed to do the trick.



Finally, because I love my stats, here’s a chart that shows the speed (y-axis) against time (x-axis) of each of our 4 rows. We started the week with the long row-over and finished the week with our quickest bump.

All Races


You can never have enough storage space.

After our new boiler disrupted our shelf space in the kitchen, it was time to put up some new shelves. When you have one of the smallest kitchens in the world, and a collection of every spice know to woman, then every last inch of storage space counts.

We therefore got ourselves a couple of cheap(ish) and cheerful B&Q shelving units.

Before (actually before the boiler was put in):


And now with new shelves (is it healthy for any person to own this many spices?):