Moel Famau

We decided on a short walk to stretch our legs after Christmas. Bryn suggested Moel Famau and that sounded, and actually was, perfect.

Moel Famau
Duration 1:38 hours
Distance 3.8 miles
Path (Google Earth)


Dining room re-plastered, part III

A minor update from the last report. I’ve now stuck a radiator on the fireplace but will wait for a plumber to do the pipe work. I’ve also fitted skirting boards around most of the walls and architrave around door frame. These obviously need painting.

Some of the furniture has also gone back just to clear up the clutter in the lounge. It will have to removed again in a few weeks.

Since the last plumber did not turn up, I made arrangements with a different plumber to turn up today. Just two hours late, the plumber did turn up. He pointed out that there was more work in connecting up the radiator than he expected so was not able to do the work. Another plumber has now been rescheduled for 2 weeks time. Morons.



Dining room re-plastered, part II

Painting time… After we applyied a coat of plaster primer (PVA) Carmel chose a shade of off-white Dulux “endurance” paint at B&Q and then it was time to paint the dining room.


Over the space of a week I applied 4 coats of paint. That many coats were needed to get rid of the patchy paint work in the photo above. Not very exciting photos, I know.


We were meant to have a radiator fitted today where the gas fire used to be. But the idiot plumber did not turn up. This is the second time in the past two weeks that a workman has not turned up. Morons.