Thetford Forest

We are heading to Scotland in February to spend a few days walking in the mountains and learning to use crampons. For this trip Carmel and I both have new boots which are fairly stiff and designed for crampons – and these boots needed breaking in. We therefore came up with the plan to spend the day walking through Thetford Forest in boots that are quite impractical for long distance walks on the flat.

I bought an Ordnance Survey map of Thetford Forest and worked out a circular walk of around 15 miles. The walk was a good one, and the weather perfect, but by the end our legs were worn out by the heavy inflexible boots we’d been lugging around. Definitely couldn’t have done a longer walk in those things.


Thetford Forest
Duration 4:59 hours
Distance 14.9 miles
Path (Google Earth)


Roof ventilation

Just before Christmas I noticed that the loft had welcomed in quite a lot of mould. A quick investigation by a roofer revealed that there was a lot of condensation and the only solution was to add vents to allow the air in the loft to circulate.

A total of 8 roof slates were removed and replaced with venting (plastic) slates. These should allow the air to circulate in the loft and prevent condensation – which therefore should prevent mould.





Snowboarding in Obergurgl, Austria

This year’s boarding holiday was in Obergurgl, Austria.

Last year was the first year we’d been to Austria boarding, but compared to France we loved it so it was a no-brainer to head back there this year. The snow, lifts, people and alcohol are all great. With not a miserable Frenchman in sight.





Shelves in place

Finally the 6th painting job had been completed (3 coats per side) and the final task was to screw the bits to the wall.

Started off with an empty alcove:


And after not an unsubstantial amount of screwdriver action:


So now our dining area looks like the following:


I don’t doubt for a minute that we’ll find junk to fill up the shelves. Carmel can do that.


Painting shelves

Now that the dining area has been re-plastered, skirting boards put in place and the whole lot painted, the area is ready for some shelves in one of the alcoves.

It is worth mentioning that a plumber did eventually come around to connect up the new radiator – fairly painless in the end with the exception that he identified 3 rotten joists under the floor boards downstairs.

We decided to install some shelves on the left of the fireplace and went with the style that matches the shelves in the lounge area. This involved buying a load of wood from Ridgeons and B & Q and then spending most of Sunday in the back garden sawing, planing and sanding the boards and supports to fit the space.

Carmel made a start on the painting of the bits which involved spacing them out all over the floor. The painting will take the rest of the week to complete.