Rotten joists

The floor at the base of the stairs gave way last year so we’ve been putting off finding out what is wrong and then sorting it out. It turned out that against an outside wall we had 3 joists that were damaged by wet rot as well as many of the floorboards that they supported.

Fixing the damage and having treatment to prevent future rot set us back a tasty amount – annoyingly it’s one of those jobs were there really is no improvement to the house at the end of the work.

The work did coincide with me getting my hands on a new Canon camera that I’d had on order for 6 weeks – hence the need to show some very boring photos of our ground floor with the floorboards exposed.



In the photo above, you can see the lighter coloured central part of the exposed floorboards. The concensus from the workman was that this showed that the original owners had a large rug which covered much of the lounge. The ground floor used to be split into a separate lounge and a dining room – and I was surprised to discover that the floorboards do not match in the two rooms. The best floorboards were used for the lounge, while the dining room had to put up with cheaper, lower quality ones. Obviously these were not not substantially lower quality as both sets of floorboards have lasted considerably well since they were originally put down in 1893. Ah well, they are now covered up by carpet again.

Finally, a photo of the back garden, with a new addition in the centre – apparently it’s a Salix caprea.