Kalymnos, Greece

Carmel and I spent a week in the small village of Elies on the island of Kalymnos in the Greek Dodecanese. The weather was perfect until the last day when in the evening it rained for the first time since March! Carmel unfortunately had to return to Ireland mid-week for a funeral so her holiday was cut short.

Here’s the bay our village was in, the photo was taken from a monastery on the steep hill side above the houses.

Everytime Carmel and I go away somewhere we feel obliged to climb the highest mountain. The one on Kalymnos was Profitis Ilias at a height of 676m. This didn’t sound very high to us but by the time we got to the top in the approaching midday sun we were fairly exhausted. In the photo below my t-shirt is not wet due to any rain! (In the background you can see how the Kalymnians converted a mountain into an airport and also you can see the bay near where we stayed.)

On one of the days we went on a boat tour to Pserimos and Plati.



I had a go at Scuba diving – in total managing 1 closed water and 3 open water dives. I am totally addicted and now need to consider where we’re going diving next.

This is the little boat that Kostas Valsimades used to take myself and my instructor, Tiia, out diving. We sailed from a beautiful little inlet called Vlychadia.


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  1. What an idyllic place. Don’t reckon much to the sweaty climb you had though, or for that matter the scuba diving you have become addicted to. It’s diving in and not rowing on the Cam from now is it?

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