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Lightroom is my preferred method for working with my photos, but I’ve always wanted an easy way of uploading them to Picasa Web. I like the integration between Picasa Web and Google+ and find the combination perfect for sharing albums and individual photos with friends and family.

However, the only option I could find for uploading photos from Lightroom to Picasa Web was to make use of a donationware plug-in. The fact that the plug-in was donationware bugged me and stopped me even downloading it, never mind trying it out. I haven’t quite figured out why donationware bugs me so – it may be the necessity of using Paypal or such like (due to the absence of an integrated Adobe app/plug-in store or something similar in the OS). Although I certainly don’t seem to have a problem splashing a few dollars here and there on the Android Market (or whatever it is now called).

In the interests of giving everybody a chance to upload photos to Picasa Web I wanted there to be a free plug-in which does just the simplest of tasks – uploading photos.

I have created a Lightroom plug-in for uploading photos to Picasa Web. Discover more about the plug-in and installation instructions here:

Photo Upload plug-in

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