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Toubkal – photos, maps & stats

Lots of photos from our recent trek up Toubkal in Morocco:

Toubkal photos on Picasa Web

I took my GPS to Toubkal, and this has provided various provided maps and statistics. Here are the tracks we walked laid out over a Google Earth background:

The Google Earth paths can be downloaded directly if you want a closer examination of where we walked. Here’s a summary table of the individual walks we did.

Track Start time Time Miles Height (m) Ascent (m) Descent (m)
Day 1 2 Sep 10:22 3:49 8.2 2488-2428 622 681
Day 2 3 Sep 6:29 7:05 11.3 2428-3004 1610 1032
Day 3 4 Sep 6:33 5:45 11.9 3004-2315 880 1562
Day 4 5 Sep 6:34 4:29 6.8 2315-3114 1376 505
Day 5 6 Sep 6:27 7:24 12.4 3114-1862 1154 2406

Over the few days we walked over 50 miles, none of which was on the flat. And in total we also walked for 28 hours and 32 mins. The walking time does NOT include any of the rests we had during the day.

Finally, here’s an elevation profile of our trip. Spot the flat sections… Yup, none, not even anything close to resembling flat.


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